WYD Portugal 2023

To prepare for the World Youth Day event (WYD) in Lisbon, the Chemin Neuf Community will gather 4,000 young people from 40 different countries at the Welcome to Paradise Festival in Portimão, on the south coast of Portugal.


This ‘à la carte’ festival aims to reach Christians of all sensibilities with a modern language that draws on the riches of the Christian tradition. Every day, there will be dozens of workshops with great speakers, sports and leisure activities, prayer programs to go deeper with God, as well as evening meetings altogether and opportunities to encounter others.
In short: a vacation in Paradise!

From the Philippines!

It is possible to come as a “delegation” (diocese, prayer group, youth movement, local church, etc.). Close collaboration allows each delegation to be welcomed in a special way. Our goal is to foster a common spirit amongst all participants of the Festival.

At the end of the Festival, all participants will go to Lisbon to attend the opening mass of the WYD. Each delegation will then become autonomous and will be supported by the central organization of the WYD (COL).

Practical details

Dates: July 26 to August 1 – PORTIMAO August 1 to August 6 – LISBON

Prices: Welcome to Paradise Festival in Portimao: 180 euros = 11 000 pesos. The price includes transportation, accomodation, food and activities for the Festival in Portimao. WYD Lisbon: 240 euros = 13 500 pesos.

Transportation: Buses will be organized only from Lisbon airport to Portimao and from Portimao to Lisbon for the WYD week.

Accomodation: homestay, gymnasiums or schools.

Visa: 80 euros = 4 900 pesos + 1 800 pesos (handling fee)

Standard Insurance: 1 609 pesos.

Tickets: 1 300 / 1 400 euros (approximate).

TOTAL PER PERSON: 1 800/ 1 900 euros = 110 000 / 116 000 pesos

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Messenger: WYD Portimao Chemin Neuf

Email: wyd23@chemin-neuf.ph