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Renovation project

of San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center

San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Centre has been welcoming students and reviewees from all over the Philippines for the last 40 years.

It is a place, which serves also the local population (see social mission page).

Prior to the pandemic, each year around two hundred and fifty to three hundred young people found in San Lorenzo second home.

We provide full board accommodation in the heart of Manila’s universities belt, offering the young people Christian and human formation within a framework of community life as well as a good and safe space for them to study, rest and experience fellowship.

In order to continue serving the local population, students and the local Church, San Lorenzo Ruiz Center requires serious renovations and refurbishment.

The complex of 3 build is old and we would wish to ensure that San Lorenzo is a safe, modern and ecology friendly place.

The estimated cost of the complete renovation of the 1st building is around 900 000 dollars.

It is a long-haul project, which is now in preconstruction phase as we try to finalise all the necessary studies and architectural work.