Invited by Cardinal Rosales
and welcomed
by Cardinal Tagle in 2013
in the diocese of Manila

The community Chemin Neuf is in charge of San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center in service of the youth

Apostolates in the Philippines:

Management and animation of San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center: propositions for the boarders (Praise&Worship-Recollections-Daily masses- Reconciliations’evenings…)
“Sanlo Kids”: welcoming of the children of our barangay twice a week for various activities (learning-playing-catechesis-celebrating…)
Cana for couples and families: gather couples and families to spend time together and pray together
Social works: towards kids in need in our neighborhood: welcoming them and offer them place to take a bath, launder their clothes and eat a good lunch!
And what the Holy Spirit will create new in the future !

In closeness with our Parish : Our Lady of Loretto parish in Sampaloc, Manila

In association with our barangay: Barangay 412, Sampaloc, Manila