Welcome kids of our neighborhood

Every Saturday morning: “TARA ARAL SA SANLO”: A time to learn, play, pray, eat and enjoy !

Tara Aral sa SanLo is a program that aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills, and point of view that will help them improve their way of life with God in the center of it.

(tara = to go; aral = to study, to learn; Sanlo= San Lorenzo – our house)

Every week we welcome between sixty to seventy children from the nearby slum area. The children and teens are split into small age groups to learn writing, reading, some very basic maths and science. They also have some time to speak about Christian Faith (catechesis). The children are given snacks and a hot meal at lunchtime. They have the possibility to have a shower. The time of fun and games is included so that the children can feel like children again. This programme is run by the members of the Community with essential support from local volunteers. The children attending the programme are mostly the so-called “children in the streets”. Their smiles and joy are often amazing!


The community wish to extend its help by giving educational grant to students.
It aims to provide basic school needs that will help and encourage the children to continue with their studies.