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There is no such thing as a perfect couple! Are you looking for a fulfilling life as a couple, to become a stronger, happier couple? Do you want to reflect on the meaning of your commitment? Are you going through difficulties? Come and spend time together in a beautiful place, to enjoy an unforgettable experience to strengthen your relationship as a couple. CANA welcomes you as you are, married or not, believers or not.

Six privileged days for a deeper, stronger love:

  • Exchange on topics such as dialogue, forgiveness, tenderness and sexuality.
  • Share with other couples the difficulties and joys of life together.
  • Receive training on marital life.
  • Listen to testimonies of other couples.
  • Deepen the meaning of your life as a couple, your commitment, your family life.
  • Discover that God is at work in your love, in your relationship.
  • Take time with your children (depending on their age).
  • Celebrate together!

Why 6 days or 3 weekends?

The CANA Week can be experienced in two formats:

  • in 6 days in a row: this is the classic “CANA Week”
  • in 3 complementary weekends: this is “CANA…1,2,3”

Taking 6 days away from daily life is certainly demanding because of the social and professional constraints that sometimes weigh on families, but devoting this time is, from experience, necessary to really consolidate the foundations of the relationship and to decide together to take on new habits. It is therefore proposed that couples free themselves from certain commitments in order to temporarily give priority to this unique and unforgettable experience.

That is why, depending on the cultural realities and possibilities of the different countries, CANA offers two formats so that each couple can find what suits them:

  • the concentrated format: the “classic CANA Week” with or without children, often during the holidays or otherwise,
  • the three-weekend format which is experienced over a longer period of time.


More details will be communicated soon…..keep in touch =)